Saturday, May 15, 2010


Another old poem, undated but earlier than the last. I recall writing
this after a discussion in an English Language tutorial.

Consider thou then also the humble aardvark
He toils not in the fields nor sets to hard work,
And yet his tongueflash like a starr'd dirk
Fails not to find the ant, though it neath shard lurk.
For a Divinity it shapes our hands, card sharp
Them how we may. Though art be but a marr'd ark
The Rainbow covenents our way. Though footling bard's bark
Poesis still illumes the day. If the chap in the car park
Has left his lights on I will pay. Take a tablet, sink the Bizmark
Make a choice twit good and ill: drop the bar talk
Reject soetics, stand for some aesthetic truth. Nard, lark
Fragrence, singing fulgence, seeping tone. Rhythm guard stalk
Steps by jingo - in the meaning, flux is gone. Dared stuck
Oxymoron, stasis fixes critic man. Yet free is the humble Aardvark.

Simon BJ

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