Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trapphics from @Bucher-Jones

True the Church's time-agents forstalling original sin until last tuesday was good but then again it did make your scrumping pretty serious.

Building work is ongoing 10,000 years below: ensuring the foundations of the Worldstate to be, we apologise for any vibrations, in the '60s

Cysters and Brooders of the East Urgers: Won fling is curtain. Teh Barble me hat course our spatch bat etch hall farmerly, ent hut FARMERLY!

In the early days of the FFTL drive, what with the universe being vast, and Earth's brave agents few, we were known as The Legion Of Sparce.

The Silent Worlds beyond the nebula do not communicate with The Core. Not since the G'sp Empire told them that the Core really fancied them.

The Pedants Alliance has retreated after loosing the battle. They should of known better than to tangle with the Anaproptropherics League's.

Simon Bucher-Jones upgraded his Weapons Depot. No this isn't a facebook games update: just a friendly warning to all his enemies at large.

Downloading into competing massive online roleplaying worlds finally became illegal under the cyberadultery commandment of Pope Warcraft XI.

'What I'm looking for,' he continues 'is characters I can inhabit'. Again I agree preferably ones with big bank accounts and gullible chums.

'When you write,' the author on TV now says 'you re-invent what the novel can do.' I agree, hence this nuclear, time-travelling, paperback.

Meanwhile in nearby Pessimistica, no one is minded to vote, or stand, and the concensus remains: "Keep the Standing Committee of Awfulness".

As the relentlessly positive campaigning continues citizens of Optimistica face a choice between Pangloss, Mr Hilary, and many many others.

As we head into the elections, can we afford Trident's replacement? Is rebuilding the weapon of Mighty Poseidon, Atlantis' highest priority?

Time travellers have been hunting childhood preHitlers for tears only to be killed themselves by further futureward hunters of childkillers.

The Sleepslugs devour their prey as it lies in deepest sleep and then die excreting exact living copies. Is this horrible or oddly useless?

Prof Mistypes' ransom demands were a standing joke at FBI headquarters, so much so that he actually got away with a fortune in cold bullion.

Everyone has their favourite TV Chat Show moment but few can beat the raw self mutilation action of Parkinson interviewing Rod Hull and Emo.

"What needs my Shakespeare for his hallowed bones the labour of an age in piled stones": cut no ice with the Stratford Great Pyramid Scheme.

US Pope Benedict XVI traced his descent from the original Patriach of the West: President Benedict Arnold V, the hero-priest of Ticonderoga.

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