Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Battle of Trafalgar

The ships of our fleet bear the seal of the sword
And it stirs in the scabbard when foes of the Lord
tread the boards of their vessels in sight of our lands
Then up with the scimitar, into our hands!
No Spanish invader will step on the sward
Where returning Crusaders brought Islam's true word,
And Mohammed Al Nelson, Emir of Bronte,
Viscount to the Sultan: commands the salt-sea.
To honour our treaty with High Moorish Spain.
The North having broken the peace of Armein,
and allied its star to the Prince of Corsairs,
Napoleone di Romalino, Count of Algiers.
That traitorous pirate who, served before the mast
of the Sultanate's navy, then turned his coat, fast....

From the forthcoming 'Alt World Poetry Colletion': The poems of the parallel G K Chesterton.

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