Friday, March 26, 2010


The Hangman was a band invented by my Daughter Morgan in a 'facebook' invent an album cover meme.

AND THOSE WHO HATE THEM's my take on what that song might be:

The folk who come to a hangin' Most come to see a death
They come to see that varmint fall and choke on his last breath.
They buy their candied apples, they bring their knittin' too
They may not stop their chat to hear the death train rattle through.

Now Billy Joe was a bad man first and a bad man last was he
He stole first from his kindly nurse or at his mother's knee.
He'd gunned down three, down at Laramie, and shot four more from spite.
He'd killed brothers at the dead of noon, and sisters in the night.

So let no one say that his final day, wasn't justly and fairly won.
But while most were in glee, that he would not go free
Even he was not alone. For while there are those
Who a hanging chose, as as a treat they report verbatum
Even for the worst, who most men have cursed
There are still those that hate them.

For you can hate the hangin' although the man was bad
Although he left in sodden dust, many a likely lad
Although he cuffed in brutal lust, lasses who were his betters
You can still hate his shufflin' to the gallows in his fetters.
The rope goes taut, his eyes go wide, a hand goes to his throat
The ones who like a hangin' say, "Now leave him there to bloat."
They may be right in Billy's case, or they may be mistaken
All that I say, is come what may: there are still those that hate them.

Simon BJ

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