Sunday, March 28, 2010

CSi5m Sea-Shanty

Somebody put a penny in his box, I want to hear the sailor laugh
I want to see him raise his grog, I want to hear him quaff
Somebody pay the piper's fees, I want to dance a jig
Before we're hauled off to the deeps aboard the Captain's gig.

Somebody haul the man aloft, I want the horizons scanned
I want to know the danger reefs, the upthrust of the land
Somebody arm the cannon and ope the gunnel ports
We'll fire a spread of glitterin' shot, to speed the fishes sports.

Somebody cut the Captain free, now that the storm be passed
The deadframe at the wheel still grins, defying of the blast.
Round the Old Cope of No Good Hope, we've sailed as best we recon'
Under the Captain with No Name the Heir of Vanderdecken.

[First line credit, Paul Ebbs].

Simon BJ

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