Friday, August 28, 2009

CSi5M 'The oldest discovered'.

Not strictly a CSi5m but a song/poem I wrote in 1982 when I was 18 and in the 6th form of Quarry Bank (it appears on page 23 of the QBSM Summer 1982). My mother found a copy while clearing out the files. It's surprising how little my ability to write poems has improved/changed....

"Invocation of Demons" by Simon Jones (as was).

Candle-lit pentacle
Fly's eye view
Putting millions of devils
Where there's only a few.
Demons unfettered,
Demons in chains
Fiends with their grey eyes
Hiding dead brains.

Infernal City
Spider-silk beams
Echo round the damp night
On Coffee Machines
Granular Dust,
Like bad newspaper pics,
Fades all the bodies
Until the mind sticks...

Celebrity night-life
Mildrewed domaines
Pantomime Singers
Humming hellish refrains
Straw politicians
With Dis College ties
Serving Baal Zeboub
Hearing bland lies.

Democracy dithers
Communism quakes
MP has heart tremor
duing trip to the Lakes.
Rain stops cricket
Satan stops prayer
Cold war grows hotter
As it piles layer on layer.

Dismiss the demons?
No too late now.
Asmodeus in white spot
Taking his bow.
The music was perfect,
the gig it was great
Handed Lord Satan,
the world on a plate.

Simon Bucher-Jones

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