Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Poem called "Verse".

Down the River "River"
Lies the Sea called "Sea"
Across the peak called "Mountain"
Is the valley named "Valley".

There is the town called "City"
Which holds the tome called "Book"
The images known as "Pictures"
The pleasure known as "Look"

The tyrant "Lord King Ruler"
Who locked the door named "Gate"
He hid the jewel called "Language"
He mocked the end called "Fate".

Despite the reign called "Terror"
That hid our real "names"
His mistake or his "error"
He let pass children's "games".

And all thoughts we call "forbidden"
Are free as birds called "larks"
If we use the trick called "magic"
And use "quotation marks".

We do nothing called "rebellion"
We make no plot called "plot"
We take no man called "hellion"
Nor put him in a "pot".

We "rabbit-ear" our fingers
As we talk of "other things"
Like "news" and "clues" and "honing axe"
And putting "ends" to "Kings".

Simon BJ [Post for the 11th May 2009]

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