Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Triple crossover(s) #1

"So you're saying what Humphrey, that the British
Isles are infested with Vampires?"

"That rather depends what you mean by vampires,
Minister. The security service prefers to refer to
them as Code V cases, it makes it all so much more

"Its the odd that it makes MI5 more believeable when
their called Spooks, but Vampires more believeable
when they're...I'll get some tea shall I."

"If you would, Bernard. However its interesting that you raise
the question of Spooks, I understand that there is a free-lance
organisation that might give us the edge in these

"And its run by Spooks is it Humphrey?"

"Indubitably Minister".

From "Yes Minister There Is A Rentaghost: Code Violet"
by Simon BJ

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