Monday, July 21, 2008

Sweeny Todd (guest writer)

SWEENY TODD by Ann W. Jones (my mum)

Sweeny Todd, the demon barber
Walks tonight in this dark street
Though long dead, his spirit's restless,
Moving on unsteady feet.

He who sent so many clients
Unsuspecting, to their doom
Keeps returning to his workplace
In the dank and dismal gloom.

Where his razor, sharply flashing
Slit their throats from ear to ear
Then the chair slipped, and they vanished
Down into the cellar drear.

Mrs Lovett who lived next door
Heard the sound of bodies - plop!
She began her preparations
Making pie-crusts in her shop.

She and Sweeny - strange co-partners
Did good business far and wide
She provided short-crust pastry
He the filling for inside.

So think of him when eating gaily
Juicy pies so full of meat
Who knows, the ghost of villain Sweeny
May be laughing in the street.

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