Monday, June 16, 2008

Clearing the decks of old crap songs, continues...

Infrangibilty Brown.

It was so audible it could be almost heard
So visible that it just went unseen
So tangible that he could almost touch it
That inaudible, invisible, intangible, dream!

An oracle askable that went unasked
It was almost graspable and yet ungrasped
To his bosom claspable and yet unclasped
Like a Hound o' the Baskerville's that never basked

It was traceable and yet almost untraced
a fate faceable that always went unfaced
and the face that wasn't faced left his soul
untried, unbraced, though it was triable
and braceable and probably disgraceable
to think he left it fiable and curiously pliable
as plastic and deniable as anything defaced.

And that's the tale of Infrangible Brown, who
never left his home and came to town, though
he was amiable, and affable, and everything that's laughable
he lived his life unaimed, unaffed, and very
probably unlaughed, for almost being there was
just a figment in the air, and he was gone before
he devil knew his fame.

[Prompted when someone pointed out to me a bit
in the BF audio Church and Crown where the villain shouts 'it's
so tangible I can almost touch it'].

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