Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Death of Humph

Humphrey Lyttleton, aged 86.

Now, that saddens me. ISIHAC has been for me in radio comedy what Doctor Who is on TV, and without Humph.....well. ...

In memorandum

"Samantha informs me that she has to leave early to meet her gentleman friend. He's an undertaker specialising in celebrity funerals and is very busy at the moment with clients ranging from models to famous faces of stage and screen who must be cosmetically prepared to look their best.

Consequently he can only meet her for a quick snack. She says he's always happy to get her sandwidged between a couple of beautiful bodies."

Simon BJ


Stuart Douglas said...

I'm annoyed that I missed the Cryer, Garden, Rushton and TBT classic episode they played in honour of Humph on Sunday.

However there's a 'proper' tribute on Wednesday on Radio 4 apparently.

Site Owner said...

I managed to miss that, and the Humph Sunday, damn it.

Simon BJ