Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Shakespeare's Star Wars, continues...


WATTO You may not take the lad by swindle won,
what’s won by feint may be by law undone!

QUI-GON The Hutts admit no law, but luck or force,
when luck has fallen from you then I press
You should not risk the force which oft
resides within the humblest and least sung
guise. Release the boy, and if you’ll try
your skill, one die fall will we cast for
good or ill.

WATTO What have I still to wager, what have you?

QUI-GON I will leave not with one slave but with two.
Wager me his mother and I swear, I
will repay one thousand fold her worth.

WATTO No, I will not, tip money after money lost
or slake your desires at my account’s
expense. I have lost too much to indulge
your whim. What’s lost to me is gain to
you, and I, will not see you gain more,
though in despite my own nose slit, my
purse in ruins lie.

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