Saturday, August 12, 2006

Poems written with my daughter (new)

The Tickle Monsters


The Tickle Monsters are coming
Down the road to your house
The Tickle Monsters are coming
Oh No! You'd better watch out!

Verse 1

The Tickle Monsters are hairy
They've got seven fingers a hand
The Tickle Monsters are scary
They're roaming about in a band.


Verse 2

Their eyelids are yellow, their eyes green
Their noses a bright cherry red
Their hair is the colour of rainbows
And stands like a brush on their head.


Verse 3

Their feet are the size of scandels
They're got very colourful legs
And the smell of their toes is so horrid
That all of their noses have pegs.


You may think that the monsters are nearly
As bad as the worst TV baddies
But you have to put up with them really
Because they're your mummies and daddies.

[Parents grab children and tickle them.]

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