Thursday, August 17, 2006

The City Of Uuuu

Ultimately Uuuu: unformed, undistinguished, unimpressive, underplays Uuuu's unwinking unrelenting universal ubiquity.

Uuuu's uncanny usufactory uglification undoes Uuuu's ubeity; untraceable, untouchable, unrooted. Uuuu undoes Uuuu.

Uuuu's upperclass utter untranslatable Ural-Altaic ukases, unclassifiably unctuous. Underpopulated: Uuuu's unemployed, unpeople, underpersons - usually utterly undersexed - unfleshed. Uuuu's uxorious, uncouple - uncharacteristically undone. Unions uncared for, uncertain, unattach.

Uuuu's unusual underpinnings : ultimogenature, ultimatums, unaccountable uncertainty (unanalysable, uncomfortably upheld upon unstable ultra-elements - unnilquadium, unnilpenium, untruth.)

Simon BJ

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Tardieu said...

I can't wait to read about Eeee, not cause I think it will be any good (course it might be) - I just have $5 riding on it giving you RSI.