Monday, August 07, 2006

The City of Iiii.

I inched into Iiii. Iiii: imagined illumed, irradiated, iridescent, infamous in its indignant infrastucture, its image imitating irrefutable infinities. Its idols Ibex, its icons Ibis. (If I imply it's infernal, I infringe interdenominational interface intentionally). Iblis’s incubi innundate its inner identity, implicating indomitable Illuminati, intransigent intelligencers, intractable Ichabods, incommunicado Incumbants, in indulgences infatuated, inflaming, iniquitous, infra-dig.

Its illnesses I intuit internally, inferring intertwining inner iatrogenic impulses. Insects infest its indigenes, ichneumonic, ichthyosis itching interminably, itching incurably. Infection is Iiii’s insatiate infusion, ingravescent, inguinal, ingrowing.

Iiii is inverted, its infinite intentions indicate innumerable ideas, it implies its impact impassively, immense iconic, implacable iron-wrought.

Initially influx into Iiii, is infinitesimal, it increases in inconstant, inconclusive, iotas. Iiii’s indefensibility, incursions indelicately indicate, indecorously interpenetrating its insurmountable injuries, its intangible insurgencies.

Iiii’s intelligencia, intended in its initial inauguration intensive interblending intellect, infantalism, intercession, intercourse. In interbreeding it interrogated its interstitial innards, its intertribal intestines, interwound in inthralling intimacy.

Into Iiii, intravenously in intussuseption, I, Iiii’s inured invalid, invaded Iiii: Iiii, in its intransigence, in its infection, invaded its investigator.

Iiii’s invocation: Ia! Ia!

In involutions involuntary, in involute involucre, I inwardly inched. In Iiii inhalation is inherently iodinic. Its iodization indigo, irritating, incusing.

Iiii is irrecoverable, irremediable, irremissible.

Iiii is I.


Tardieu said...

Jesus Christ, this one even reads as a coherent travelogue from start to finish.

Site Owner said...

The actual difficultly lies in the few useful 'joining' words. Uuuu will be even harder, but Eeee? Everyone expects Eeee's exploration easyily ending.