Monday, August 14, 2006

Arkham - the musical #3

The Surrey With The Things On Top

When I take you out, tonight, with me,
Honey, here's the way it's goin' to be:
You will set beneath a pack a night-gaunts,
Perched on the slickest rig you ever see!

Zoogs, moon-beasts, and cats better scurry
When I take you out in the surrey,
When I take you out in the surrey with the things on

Watch those night-gaunts see how they’re clutchin’
If you’ve rabbits they’d best be hutchin’.
Nosey pokes'll scream through their fingers and their
eyes will pop!
They’re got no faces, they’re long an lean
Their hides are speckled snake-leather,
Their wings make drapes that’ll wrap you round
In case there's a change in the weather.

All the world'll froth up its spittles
Passerbys get bowled down like skittles,
When I take you out in the surrey with the things on

When we hit that road, hell fer leather,
Ghouls and Ghasts'll dance in the heather,
Old St Toad'll sing out forever and Deep Ones will
The Polyps'll whistle as we rattle along,
The mutant cows moo in the clover,
The river will ripple out a whiporwill song,
And whisper it over and over:
Don't you wisht y'd go on forever?
Sacrifice will bring achieve that endeaver!
Don't you wisht y'd go on forever and ud never stop
In that shiny, little surrey with the Things on the

I can see the Stars gettin' Right, now,
When we drive back home in the night now,
Drivin' slowly home in the surrey with the things on
I can feel the Old Ones a stirrin’
Getting now that strange bloody yearnin’
For a sleepy head on my shoulder, till it falls

The sun is black and its hatchin’ soon
The moon is bleedin’ its ichor,
And jist as I'm passin’ the stone circle hill,
I see the lads hangin’ the vicar!
Hush, you lads, my wee snacks a-sleepin'!
Maybe got a dream worth a-keepin'
Whoa! you team, and jist keep a-creepin' at a slow
clip clop.
Don't you hurry with the surrey with the things on the

Simon BJ

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