Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Trevor K Grant

Man of Mystery? Well I knew him when he went to Quarry Bank school and he was friends with Clive Barker. So when he asked me on the basis of this blog, which foolishly made him think I had some webexpertise (I do not) to help him set up his own site when two well meaning fans of his, had a) put him on wikipedia, and b) restarted a fansite to his selfpublished / pseudo-published works, I tentatively agreed.

Now unfortunately no one seems to be able to 'confirm' Trevor's existance, and his wikipedia entry is up for deletion, so if any readers have seen Trevor elsewhere and can verify his life and work I think he'd want you to notify the wikipedia authorities. Paul Ebbs knows him, I knew him, and have had somwhat incoherent letters from him (I received the first after I reviewed a third parties book in Fortean Times and Trevor, remembered me, and took exception to my explaining that PI isn't 3, even if its 'ritual Pi'). Do you know him?

In the meantime I've linked to his blog
  • Trevor's World which in turn links to his fansite, and artwork (which is also visible in my flickr window).

    What can I say but enjoy the work which Trevor confidently informs me U. Le Guin described in correspondance as - "Deserving of an SF channel miniseries".

    I'm agog for his posting of the first chapters, which he's promised me will follow
    "swift as eagles, terrible as onions" if I can read his hand written note correctly.

    Simon BJ

    Dave Owen said...

    Quarry Bank? Are you from Liverpool, Simon? You don't sound it, but then, neither do I...

    Site Owner said...

    Yes I am. I went to Quarry, and lived in Hurstlyn Road off Mather Avenue. Then to Sheffield University, then - after a spell unemployed in Liverpool - to London to seek work, and the rest is history.