Monday, July 03, 2006

Aaaa - (Blind Atlas)

Leaving Oooo it was not my intention to linger around its sister cities - which I had heard become intractable, moribund, sullen, and cribbed-insolent as they wind from Vowel Valley to the Coast and hidden Zzzzs, but I, attracted against anyone's abilities, against all advice automatically approached ancient aeruginous and alabaster Aaaa.

Ah, above Aaaa albatrosses accentuate acciaccatura. Abstracted avian accompanyists (also accompanists alternatively) accomplish an absolute abnegation, abstruse, as aching as an acquisitive atrophy, aimless ariel, and alarming.

Aaaa, always approached across abaddonic adits and abyssal allyways, accessed along avenues acclivitous. Acrophobes attain Aaaa's acropolis after actions abominable and alien (against affectations assumed and affections affirmed). Aboulia almost always aborts agoraphobes attempts also, and around Aaaa's antecedant acres all airsick adjournees abide awaiting an aesthetic affinity attaining acrophilia. Alienists (almost always Adlerian, agamous agitators and agressive agents) apply agonising attentions of acornite, agaric, aloes, admixed amid agate and azure agar-agar. Any able, after atrabilious agues administered ad-nauseaum, are admired, awarded aegrotat absolution. After aesculapian administration all allottees absolved, attain advent amidst Aaaa's adyta. An advent attained almost as an afterthought amid afternoon aestervation. Amid an aromatic affluvium as alogical and altogether astringent as ambergris.

Aaaa's Academic administration (an admixture admirably arranged: actuaries, accountants, adolescent adonises, adventurous adults and amoral adulterers) attend and adumbrate adroitly aloud all adverserial, advisory, and adjudicial advocacy. Accidie, apathy, all antics, and afterpains Aaaa's academics attest agin. Aaaa's academians' albs are as adorned as alchemic albums attesting attainment alkahestical. Albata aleph's albedos align alledging allegorical allegences.
(Aaaas aboriginals: alchemists, Anabaptists, Albigensians, albinos).

Aaaa allows amnesty (and, all Alienists attest, amnesty's ancilliary; amnesia): any amounting atop Aaaa's ancestral altars, analogously amputate and anesthetise any anarchic anatomy and as anchorites abide abduring anfractuosity.

Anyone anointed as an anchorite and antitheitically awakening animosity and annihilation, as antonyms accrued antipathy: anyone announcing anything antisocial and advocating Aaaa's adopting Anglicanism; Aaaa's alienist agents annull any aegrotat awarded. Aaaa's anger apishly appears as apoplexy and aphasia. Alone and absented attesting apologies apparent as aphonic aposematics, any apparition apprehends apostasy and approbate: the victim ceases to be capable of uttering words intelligable within the City. Thus touched I was myself forced to flee the sister-city of Oooo which to me would now remain forever nameless.

Simon BJ


Tardieu said...

let me be the first to say.....


Tardieu said...

I'm still chuckling from the "(Aaaas aboriginals: alchemists, Anabaptists, Albigensians, albinos)" line by the way. you obviously put a lot of thought into his one as well. Phew.