Friday, June 02, 2006

End of an era: the Who 'novel length' novels

With the end of Shannon Patrick Sullivan (and Steve Traylen’s) online Who book Rankings, it looks like the era of full-length novels dedicated to our favourite time traveller have come to a close, leaving the tv-tie-in novels to the new, excellent series, in safe hands, but not sadly (for me if not the readers) at this time in mine!

The closing of the Rankings however means I can now set out my achievements in the field:-

Type / Title / Average Liking / Votes / Position

NAs: The Death of Art 56.6% (117)                   52nd out of 61
BNAs: Ghost Devices 69.9% (70)                       14th out of 23
EDAs: The Taking of Planet 5  77.9% (130)      12th out of 73
EDAs: Grimm Reality - 71.5% (82)                       24th out of 73

Anthologies contributed to:
Short Trips (BBC) 68.2% (74)
The Book Of The War 78.9% (18)
The History Of Christmas no votes in when polls closed.

Hm. Credit for the higher ranking of the latter books must go jointly to my co-writers Mark Clapham, and Kelly Hale: and on TOP5 also to Lawrence Miles for setting out the state-of-play.

So its pretty clear that the verdict of the public is 7/10. Should try harder. I will think on this......sob!


Stewart M. said...

I feel that your novels (every last one) deserve much better rankings that they ever received at the online Who Rankings...

A lot of us would put TOP5 in the top three, for instance. Miles ahead of anything that Parkin fellow ever wrote...

Tardieu said...

My pesonal rankings put Grimm Reality and Ghost Devices each in the top five of their respective sets. Ghost Devices is probbly top 3 in fact.