Monday, May 22, 2006

Classic CS5M: Blues!


I feel Blue
I feel Ice Blue
Like the Ghost of You
Never even haunts me.
But that haunts me
The absent Blue.

Like the cerulean Eye of
Something mean, you can't buy off
Staring down at You
From Pascal's infinite spaces
From other people's faces
The absent Blue.

I said I was a friend now
That it was at an end now
That I'd hear from You
On every other someday
Or in a month of Sundays
Now and then like friends do

And I know you're happy
Or I hope you're happy
Which becomes you
For you're deserving
Good Fortune unswerving
From the smiling Blue.

And from the wings
I see signs that things
May be better
That the rains no wetter
Falling from the Blue
And so maybe it's true
It's not over ‘til the blue
Bird sings.

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