Thursday, April 13, 2006

Shakespeare's Star Wars Act III



(he reads thus as he writes)

I have the Senate so enmired in seals and divers practises set out in state as
practice irrequestionable, and arcane, the esoteria and flume of law, which lawyers spout forth as the whales blow, that by the time to vote the sheep are lead, the noose is long affixed, the man long dead, and nothing can be done but to accept, that how my plans have wrought was meant by fate.

(He steps back)

(steps forward reading the end Of the same letter)

- Still more he pens…

The Queen has touching faith I grant, that She will find her cause upheld to light of truth, but she is young yet in the world and as the young she judges not the depths to which can sink the arbetors of truth when truth is gagged in law and paid in gold.

DOFINE. Think you that we, to him should have unfolded how those twain, avoided our sea-hosts and to the main, entrusted their two lives?

NUTE. What put my head into the Lion’s mouth? when happenstance the Lion may sup its fill on other meat, and leave enough for us? Besides they drowned what needs report of that, drowning’s more certain than a land’s man’s Death. Come let us go ashore and take our prize none now can stop us, in our hands it lies.



BIBBLE. will you cos this invasion to the Senate?

NUTE. Why, did you not invite with treaty hence my men and ships to swell to your defense? If not then soon you will in past-respect establish same, which elsewhere ratified sets seal upon’t and then Invasion’s known quite by another name and never

AMIDALA. No seal I’ll set or signature lay to, as well request me scorge myself ‘til blood in accusation at my own misuse abuses and endyes my very flesh.

NUTE. A cutting image Majesty which I have no time to enact, but think you this - will you your people set to such a test, as kingly flesh of prince or of princess might bear in pride when they have not that pride, that turns each blow to mark of fielty? In time, their suffering you will persuade to better penmanship, and pliancy.
‘Til then in narrow cells confine them straight.



QUI-GON. Let us conceal ourselves, our passage swift betwiz the many lakes has gained us time, so that we now snap on the villain’s heels as bear that long pursues and never tires.

PIRATE. Ho, sirrah to your blade!

QUI-GON (runs him through) A landsman’s death is all I have for you.

AMIDALA (enters) with escort, QUI-GON and OBI-WAN fight and escourt is dispatched.

QUI-GON. Your Highness, we are the Ambassadors, sent to your aid - though wearily delayed - by orders of the Supreme Chancellor.

BIBBLE. Negotiations time it seems has passed.

QUI-GON. No time existed, for they never spoke, to us in honesty or open mien but straightway to deceit that ne’r was straight, as if false fearless that they ne‘r could fail. We must a message to the Chancellor.

CAPT. PANAKA They've cat’s amongst our pidgeon’s gentlemen, we have no birds to carry quick as air, our pleas unto the distant Chancellor.

QUI-GON. But have you ships?

CAPT. PANAKA In secret harbourage some ships we keep, too few to breach by cannon the blockade. But one might fleet its way where fleets could not.

OBI-WAN. Lets hope one ship is not sunk at one shot.

QUI-GON. Oh, Queen embark with us to Coruscant!

AMIDALA. My place is with my people in their plight.

QUI-GON. And will they scorn to kill you if you stay?

CAPT. PANAKA They need her enact the treaty, sir, they can't afford to set her life at nought.

QUI-GON. The situation here has depths unfelt there’s something else behind the steps we see as dancing master who at some state ball whispers the figures to the eager boys, who ’tired in the habibments of a page, eagerly strut as if all
skill were born within the confines of their beardless youth. There is no logic in the Pirates move, no set geometry, no solid form. My feelings tell me they will kill you sure, if not at once, then before help may come, or in the afternoon if time grows long, and they have nothing to prevent their wrong.

BIBBLE. Your Highness, reconsider, if you may persuade the Senate to side with us we gain all, and through the means of good loyal Palpatine, this you may do if to his voice your own is added as the ‘point of harmony.

AMIDALA. A grave risk it me seems, to all of us.

PADME. We all are brave, Your Highness.

QUI-GON. We must leave, and if you with us, you must straight embark for time and tide stays not upon command of even noble lords, as old Canute’s men learned unto their cost.

AMIDALA. Then let it be so, er our cause is lost.

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