Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Meatloaf Song #1 (CS5m New!)

'Coming on the back of my bike'

Now I was born a boy, and I can't fix that
And I ain't a'planning to try
So if you've got some kind of chip on your shoulder - too bad!
I guess you'll have to put up or cry.

'Cause I'm just a lad, and I've got the money
And I've got the pedal down to the floor
And if you don't want to treated like a doormat, honey!
Don't lay your head in front of the door!

I don't want a girl who's arranging flowers
And who's starching hard her mom's gingham dress
I want a girl who'll go rockin hard
And who's not afraid to get in a mess!

'Cause I've oil on my hands, and I've oil in my voice
I've got a motor pounding loud in my soul
So a dainty girl who's so damn house-proud
Isn't going to live through my rock and roll!

When the highway calls, and motor's running
I won't be stopping while you call your mom to say you're coming
'Cause it's no business of hers, what we're like
And any girl of mine who calls out that she's coming,
will be coming on the back of my bike.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Love you blog articles.
A passionate fan for years so I started my own blog :-)