Thursday, March 23, 2006

Time Animals (Classic C5SM)


The Time-shrew lives in grandfather clock cases
And passes its time with incredible faces
And by putting goose grease in all the wrong places
Its conduct a dreadful disgrace is.

The Time-frog by contrast lives where folk have to hop it
It makes a tiny ribbiting click and hides inside their pocket
And round its neck it wears a pig inside a guinea locket
A guinea pig is just the thing to make its spirits rocket.

The Time-moth flies about the room but only in the night
At least the time it thinks is night, but it can’t get it right
As other moths mistake a lamp for the guidance of the moon
The Time-Moth it jumps out of bed at five minutes to noon.

The Time-ape takes a broken chair, and vainly tries to comb its hair
Its hair grows backwards daily, and if it isn’t teased back out
Its fearful fate beyond all doubt is to become a hairless ape
And end up in a frightful scrape, a private secretary.

The Time-spider is quite aware its webs built like a maze
A maze with stopwatch functions and new digital displays
If you asked it what it made them for it would blink all its eyes,
For it is determined it will catch and then time flies.

The Time-aconda twines its way, about each passing fad.
Ready to give a helpful squeeze to any gal or lad,
It doesn’t try to turn them blue, it really isn’t bad,
But its doesn’t know its own strength or the exercise its had.

The Time-aroo has in its pouch, its younger baby-self
That way it can defend itself when hunters want its wealth
Its special wealth of baby teeth that are made of orange jet
A curious tiger sparkling stone that no one’s found as yet.

The Time-hound has a muzzle cold, and its tail a question mark is
It runs a mile to raise a smile and knows just what a lark is
It never messes anoracks or chews its owners parkers
But it does get friendly with your leg and like to see you starkers.

The Time-beasts that time-hunters hunt are marvellous it’s true
But there’s no point looking for animals if I haven’t time for you
For you’re a timely arrival in another sort of way,
You don’t spin like a time spider but you still can make my day.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Simon,

You forgot to mention one animal, actually an insect...

Time-Fly- Usually likes to hang around in groups. The actual time-fly is a lazy insect, however, can move quickly when work is involved.
Time flies quicker when the Time-Fly teams up with others of it's kind. ;P

From:astor m cosma