Tuesday, March 28, 2006

That Morgan's The Angel Again! (Poem)

That Morgan’s the Angel again.

When the time comes to do the nativity
To celebrate Jesus’ birth
One thing shakes us from our passivity
And threatens to ruin our mirth
For although it may not prove lasting
A puzzle’s afflicting our brain
For we’ve noticed a trend in the casting
That Morgan’s the Angel again.

She musters the lesser Dominions
For her role is Gabriel you see
She makes sure they flutter their pinions
While flying above Galilee.
She’s kind to the mother of Jesus
She’s new and feels under a strain
And she prompts us if anyone freezes.
That Morgan’s the Angel again.

She’s bubbly and candy’s no sweeter
The part calls for eyes of her blue
But I don’t see why each year we treat her
For surely a stand-in would do?
The cast isn’t cast in cast-iron here
Our Joseph and Mary’s a chain
That turns in an annual round, here
But that Morgan’s the Angel again.

Of the four (or the many archangels), she’s chief,
As they stand by the throne
For in Hebrew or Christian belief
A constant’s the part is her own.
The lambs they may change with the seasons
Go off to that boy down the lane
But for lovely or sinister reasons
That Morgan’s the Angel again.

I’ve heard said the stars are eternal
But our star is changed every year
This year we had someone external
For the girl in the costume took queer.
We’re told that mutatis mutandis
That nothing on Earth stays the same
But the thing that we can’t understand is
That Morgan’s the Angel again.

Thrones and dominations, powers, principalities, too
Cherubim and Seraphim do what she tells ‘em to
For she’s the special angel who tells you without fuss
That you’re going to have a baby, and call him Jesus.
Though wanta-be’s may utter in a hard done by refrain
And be heard “not fair” to mutter
That Morgan’s the angel once again.

[Written when my daughter Morgan was the angel Gabriel
twice in a row in the nativity play at school and seemed
to regard it as a sinecure - SBJ]


Stewart M. said...

I am overjoyed to have at last discovered your blog (with a little help from PPH). I've enjoyed every bit of your work (although I've yet to read Ghost Devices).

Is there any chance of seeing another SBJ novel (co-authored, or otherwise) anywhere in the next several years?

Anonymous said...

I've only been running the thing for about a week! And already people have been searching for it for ages this can only bode well!

On novels I hope so, but I kind of burned out a bit with a fairly stressful 9-5 job, a 1 1/2 hr commute each way and a family.

I'm still in discussions with Lawrence about a possible FP novel, and I have got some short stories coming up here and there which I'll publicise here as they're published.

I'm always interested in possible co-writes, provided people don't expect *my* name to miraculously open any Who doors in this nigh certainly post-EDA world.

Simon BJ (had to post this anon as I'm away from my home PC, but it is me.)