Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Faction Paradox School Song (Classic CS5M)

The House That Stands In Shadow
The House That Stands Alone
The House That Bears A Burden
In Blood and Time and Stone.

Not for us empty ritual
Not for us Homeworld pride
Not for us sterile virtue
The Loa In Us Abide.

We plough the fields and scatter
We sow and aye we reap
We take a special interest
In secrets that are deep.

Not power alone our aim is
But power we take as due
For power is but a shadow
A shadow we work through.

The empty set embrace us.
The unprovable, prove.
May our Grandfather place us,
Where immovables move.

Trust not, your fellow students
Beyond your shadow-blade
Trust not, but hold it ready
For trust is but a shade.

And we'll recall this old school
Which burned 'er we we erolled
And never was erected
In the first place, I'm told.

[Composed 21st July 2005 in response to:-
"Oh Harry, well done!" said Uncle Dumbledore,
"You've killed your own
parents and become a full member of Faction
Paradox." a post by John Parkinson.]

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