Links to amazon (uk and usa (forthcoming)) and lulu - clicking through isn't monitarised  benefit - but if you do want to read anything of mine obviously, buying them will benefit me.

LULU spotlight page, including

The French and English text of Thomas de Castigne's 'cursed' play (referred to by Robert W. Chambers) with critical notes, scholarly introduction, essays and afterword.

Le Roi en Jaune (The King in Yellow)  - 2 recent short story collections I'm in, and one Faction Paradox novel co-written with Jonathan Dennis

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Product Details

Contains my short story - Some Thoughts On The Problem Of Order

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My and Jonathan Dennis' novel set during the War in Heaven period of Faction Paradox

(Or cheaper and quicker direct from Publishers - also better for them)

The Faction Paradox novel

Short stories set in Philip Purser-Hallard'  "City of the Saved" at the end of time - including my "Double Trouble At The Parasites On The Proletariat Club"

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Short story collections featuring Paul Magrs' Iris Wildethyme - including stories by me:Image result for simon bucher-jones

My previous Doctor Who novels for VIRGIN and BBC Books - both alone and with co-writers - are now out of print, but can often be found on sale quite cheaply (sob) secondhand.

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