Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Why Faction Paradox Is Part Of The Doctor Who Universe

'Cos it is.

Faction Paradox is first described in a licenced work of prose Doctor Who fiction.  FACT!

In their current form in Licensed prose fiction Faction Paradox continue to interact with other licensed DWU characters, and with others which may well thematically and functionally represent entities where licenses are not practically available.  FACT!

Ergo - the only possible reason for not concluding FP is DWU is a sufficiency of cash to obtain the licenses.

Therefore: Send me (or better yet Stuart Douglas of Obverse books) a wad of cash.


Nate Bumbernickel said...

Long time lurker, first time commenter! Your Book of the Peace drabbles brought me to this blog, and the witty poetry hooked me. Quick question, though: Do you view the Faction Paradox series as being set in the same universe as Doctor Who (before the Ancestor Cell)? Not from a legal/aesthetic standpoint, but in the stories themselves.

Site Owner said...

That is my opinion, as I've said on TARDIS wiki and facebook. Will write proper post shortly. It's implicit also in my Book of The Peace posts.


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