Friday, January 15, 2016

Monthly writing / activity update


I've finished a short story, involving Sherlock Holmes - but not narrated by him or Watson, and sent that off to the editor of an anthology.  More on this when or if I can make an announcment.

I've got editor's comments on my Black Archive #5Image of the Fendahl, and am working on a revised draft. Editor generally complimentary, which was nice, but somethings to do.  Deadline for this is between 22nd Jan and 12th Feb.

I'm going to submit my novel 'Charles Dicken's Martian Notes' to the Gollancz open-call next week, so wish me luck.  If I hear nothing from them I'll be producing a 'racier' more pulp paperback version during the year - using the conceit - of a 'third party' pirating the 'original' 'real' account.

I'm appearing in Panto for charity at the end of the month: this year I play the part of Prince Not-So Charming, the adopted brother of Sleeping Beauty (aka Barry).

- That seems almost like, in my writing at least, I am managing to deal with depression and actually do something. Hooray.

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