Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lemon Cohen CSi5M "The third world war"

They told me that the third world war
Would be fought between the rich and poor
And asked me to declare where I would stand.

I like the things that wealth can bring
But not enough to watch them string
Up rotting bodies half across the land.

If we spent for a dozen years,
Just half the cash we spend on fears
To give us a false feeling of command,

We might just see that the needs of all
Need not be mysteries nor appal,
But a request to lend an open hand.

To call the poor a swarm or horde,
Is to take Satan at his word,
And give in to the darkness he has planned.

I'd rather share what I have made,
Than huddle - well armed - but afraid,
Behind the castle walls of shifting sand.

So let the poor, the huddled, hope,
They have no mercy but the boat,
That might bring them to some more fertile strand.

They do not wish to storm the gates,
We're just projecting our old hates,
Because we lack the strength to understand.

We're all upon the same old Earth,
We've yet to find another berth,
And yet we fight about the small or grand.

No cause, that has not seen some blood,
Or martyrs burning in the wood,
It's past the time the armies, should disband.

Oh humankind, you hit yourself,
Your right hand steals your left hands wealth,
Oh hear me well and don't misunderstand.

With God or gods or on your own,
You have to stop the whining moan,
Do good to others, and...there is no 'and'.

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