Thursday, July 02, 2015

Not seen but never out of Mind.

As I went to the Folies Bergère
The King In Yellow wasn’t there
Nor hovering above the Moulin Rouge
With streamers on his pointy shoes.

As I went to the Eiffel Tower
I did not see Carcosa glower
Across the waters of the Seine
I haven’t got it on my brain.

I do not see the vast dark lake,
In every piece of gateau-cake,
Nor is my thought a running sameness,
That always returns to the nameless.

I do not see the two moons move,
Over the colonaded Louvre,
I do not hear Cassilda's Song,
Played in a tempo somehow wrong.

I did not see The Queen in Red
eating jam tarts in the Bed.
I do not see anything surprising,
Since the play’s curtain's awful rising.

I did not see the second Act,
When to the drownings, they react,
I left when Princes failed their quest,
My heart felt heavy in its breast.

My brother stayed to watch it all,
The doom that on them all would fall,
I do not see my brother now,
Save as the warders may allow.

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JohnP said...

Oh bravo!