Thursday, June 11, 2015

Light Attractive Reading

It can now be revealed that as well as (literary) fiction under the name of Iain Banks, and (science) fiction under the name of Iain M. Banks, the late multitalented author also wrote (romance) fiction under the name of Rosie M. Banks*. 

Not since the revelation of H.P. Lovecraft's  Romance and Western Fiction Pulp ghost-writing  ("I wore The Fearful Brassiere Of Doom", "Shoot Out At The Okay Abyss") [Crypt of Cthulhu] has such a tremor run through the SF reading world:  the following volumes are likely to become very valuable rareties:

1984 – The Wasp Factory Girl And The Wasp Factory Owner
1985 – Walking In Glass Slippers
1986 – The Hunky Dentist 1 : "The Bridge"
1987 – Espadrilles Sweet
1989 – Root Canal Dreams (The Hunky Dentist 2)

From 1988 the Romance writing moved into the newly opening Dark Romance field, and developed a 'sexy' edge.

1988 –  The Player of Sex Games
1990 – Use of Weapons In Bed
1996 – Excessive
1998 – Inversions and Other Novelty Acts
2000 – Look Behind You, Oooh Go On!
2008 – Material Girl
2010 – Sub Surface Detail ("The Hunky U-Boat Captain 1)
2012 – The Hypergender Sonar ("The Hunky U-Boat Captain 2)

*Rosie M. Banks appears in the Jeeves novels of P.G. Wodehouse, she is the authoress of such works as  All for Love; A Red, Red Summer Rose; Madcap Myrtle; Only a Factory Girl; The Courtship of Lord Strathmorlick; Mervyn Keene, Clubman; 'Twas Once in May; By Honour Bound; and A Kiss at Twilight 

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