Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A helpful graphic about unfairness in the Hugos.

It's a WORLD-CON so - the potential set of writers of sf books in the world based on population demographics, books published in a year, online estimates for novels published in year, and rule of thumb guesstimates(tm) about % of novels that are sf and rates of translation into English (because no sf novel not in English has ever won yet), gives us a set of parameters for how the Hugos nominations might look *if they were shared out fairly*.  [This is an impossible ideal as 5 nominations don't split to fractions.] Comparing 2014 to this we see a reasonably close 'fairish' match - true it favours the US, over the rest of the world and historically it favours the UK within the rest of the world - but the puppies weren't complaining about that.

What it doesn't do using 2014 as a comparator is unfairly reject from nomination right-wing US work. Possibly it favours US liberal/other over non-US, more than it favours US right wing over non-US : but you'd need actual work to test this.

Now compare the sad, and rabid puppy slates (now I'm willing to be corrected about Kloos, because he withdrew and I'm reading his trilogy at the moment and while its military-knows-best MiltSF 1 1/2 books in, maybe there's going to be an entirely justified marxist uprising against the useless Government in book 3, and we never actually (so far) see the SinoRussians so maybe they're capitalist oligarchs, but their slates are either all 5 nominations from right wingers, or 4 right wingers and a not obviously non-right wing Military SF writer.)

The effect of the slate(s) was to produce a set of nominees more unfair (against the populations, books, published, sf published, english-language translated data) than the 2014 nominees that the puppies felt were so bad they had to make an extra effort in 2015.

Only the fact that (Kloos) withdrew, let back in a nominee not from the US.

I think the only rule change the World-con needs is a guaranteed non-US slot out of the 5.  It need not harm the puppies after all they can always block vote Vox Day.

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