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Goodreads (Review by Humbert, also in Books and Writing, on Gallifrey Base)

Humbert has kindly drawn my attention to a number of typos.  Some are intentional and are to do with the 'writer' of the introduction - the Simon Bucher-Jones who is the MA in Jaune Studies.
Others are 'my' errors and to do with the difficultly(sic) the Simon Bucher-Jones who is a BA in English Literature has in proofing his own texts.  A few are apparent errors reported as given in the work of others, without the "(sic)" that usually accompanies this.

Intentional 'errors' in the 2nd edition, which will remain in the 3rd.

For the record:  SBJ MA(Jaune) does not know:

Page 3 - The correct title of TRUE DETECTIVE, he has not seen it and has only had its existence reported to him. He thinks its called TRUE DETECTIVES.  (I know what it's called, though, I too! - haven't yet seen it - I wanted to finish my version of the play before (possibly) seeing a modern re-interpretation).  Within the introduction it is implied that he only got research funding because of it, and it is possible he even resents it in a "I've worked on this for four years: how dare they make a popular drama with no reference to my translation" way.

Page 93 - He sometimes forgets the title of THE KING IN THE DARK CHAMBER and thinks it's called THE KING IN THE DARK MIRROR.  This is a more serious lapse, and may suggest that his faculties are not what they were.

Page 96 - He does not know the correct spelling of Sean Connery, nor does he think a modern actor's name important enough to check. 

The following are *not* errors and will also remain in the 3rd edition text:

Page 5 :  Bernard de Casigne  - the only evidence of his signature is without the "t" of Castigne.             This first appears in the family name in the partially obscured baptismal record of his son Thomas, though it persists thereafter.  (I will add a footnote to cover this, as most readers will lack the time to trace the records in the Sacristy of the Cathedral Saint-Pierre in Rennes.)

Page 91 'Sealed with a seal of Gold' - Capitalisation is that of Robert W. Chambers

Page 95 'We steam engine when it comes to steam engine time' is the a valid paraphrase of the following passage from Lo! Even if its not common anywhere outside my head.

"A tree cannot find out, as it were, how to blossom, until comes blossom-time. A social growth cannot find out the use of steam engines, until comes steam-engine-time."

The following are definite errors, mea cupla, mea maxima culpa!  These will be fixed in the 3rd edition.

Commas at line endings in poetry - not always strictly grammatically correct, but when editing in Word, necessary to prevent the capital letter of the next line not showing as a text error EVERY SODDING TIME!  I should however have rechecked them, after fixing the other errors!  Incidently its lucky I didn't send Humbert the 1st edition text to review - it would probably have killed him.

The spelling of Uotht rather than Uoht - which I thought I remembered from Blish's More Light, but I was wrong.

General shoddy comma usage. Some misspellings. Just me I'm afraid!

On some occasions stage directions appear within dialogue (in brackets) where this occurs it is usually because otherwise the material would not fit cleanly on a single page.  If it is necessary to accomplish this, it will need to remain - if not and it's just an error, I'll fix it.

The true and secret history section

Should also mention "Le Roi en Jaune - A Spectral Tragedy" another dramatic work, which I learned of today. It is *not* a version of the Play, but a Play based upon Robert W. Chambers, short story : The Repairer of Reputations written in 1933 by Raymond Lefebre. An English trans. 1958 was republished in 2006.

Simon BJ

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