Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Dreams In The Who House.

A bird that breaks out of the Moon,
Forests that come and go,
The fear of death that comes too soon,
Survivor's guilt and woe.

His own face outlined on a bus,
A thief who wasn't real,
A golden arrow strong enough,
To pierce space-tempered steel.

Robin Hood, who never was,
Afeared of war's allarms,
Fantastic Voyage, sans applause
For Raquel Welch's charms.

A vanishing watch he never used
before, however needed,
Soldiers in all their rainbow hues,
A chalk-board threat unheeded.

Boyfriends who move like ninja's breath,
Children who talk to trees,
People who sell you life-in-death
The skeletons that seize.

The Master who threatens him now,
Mistress in her valediction,
Who makes religions' tales come true,
Is the Master of Fiction.

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