Sunday, September 07, 2014

After the Hood

When he had taken his companion somewhere safe (or at least somewhere he hoped was safe) the Doctor reflected on what he had learned.  He had been thinking too small with his thoughts of clones, future theme parks, miniscopes, and robot political manipulation, but he had not been wholly wrong.

Something had over-written a portion of earth's history to make it glossy, exciting, impossible, and entertaining, and while it hadn't directly hurt anyone (for he couldn't in all honesty say that a Robin with a feather in his hat and laughter on his lips was suffering, whereas a more - free range - Robin, with snaggle-teeth and a dirty beard and maybe a year to live would have been happier) it was disturbing that he hadn't noticed it before.

He'd made sure things had been as un-disruptive as he could.  His replacement golden arrow with its nuclear battery had done its work. He'd refrained from offering Alan A'Dale antibiotics - he'd never been that kind of Doctor.

As to the wider problem he had his suspicions, and more so than before he felt, he was ready to see through the veils of illusion. He would have to look and listen hard, find the cracks in the scenario.

He had already seen a man have his head cut off, and not have his head cut off.  Was it too much to suspect the work of Faction Paradox?

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