Monday, June 16, 2014

Florence Apocalypse

Florence Apocalypse and the McSlaughter Of Innocence

Satan's Nanny and Hell's answer to Mary Poppins, Florence has been called in by Caliban McSlaughter, hardworking patriarch of the McSlaughter clan who's afear that his brood o' bairns (Bloody Mary, Axe-head Anne, and the As Yet Un-named Girl), aren't getting the right schooling from this modern quasi-secular satanism.

But the Headmistress and the teachers of Madam Mab's Academy for Old Fashioned Witchcraft aren't going to take her poaching of their best students for granted.  What with OF-TWITCH inspections and increasing political interference from the Ministry of Damnations, in the shape(s) of Undersecretary Borogove, things are rapidly coming to a crisis.

With the vote to seceded Scottish Hell(tm) from the rest of the UK-Netherworlds imminent, can Bloody Mary finish her art project and Axe-head Anne corrupt the Minister's son (assuming that *is* what they've been doing at the cinema) and AYUG get 'unbaptised' properly without strangling another Devilparent?

Find out in....Florence Apocalypse and The McSlaughter of Innocence....coming soon.....

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