Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Part of a 'game' of imaginary TV shows:

Pilot: “The Long Slow Stench Of Dying” (1992) 90m,Dying in a blue on blue, friendly fire incident in Chicago,
law-enforcement officer (his ‘live’ rank is never revealed in the
show) Justin Manwe (JM) played by Scot Catheta, finds himself in
charge of  “a precinct house of the Dead, in a City built out of bone,
on the hinterlands of Hell, on the outskirts of Heaven”.  Nominally in
charge of, in practice surrounded by fellow ex-military and ex-police,
all under orders from the sinster ‘Blue Phone’: he attempts to make
sense of, and enforce the peculiar regulations of an afterlife he
never made. An honourable sinner running a neutral place in a
spiritual war.

The Pilot introduces the main characters of the series, although one was recast
(Doctor Phibes-Crippen - Pilot: Colin Myco, Series Paul Kits) and one
replaced: (Sussen The Demonspawn, by Sissen The Devilbought. -  Pilot:
Mary Du-Kram
Series: Attica M’colaq), the three types of Demon, the four
Interrogating Angels (only one of who: Obliteral, appears in the Pilot), and
the threat (not yet explained) of the Blind Piper.

Character (first appearance)
Played by
Justin Manwe
Scot Catheta
Series 1
Doctor Phibes-Crippen
Colin Myco
Paul Kits
Sussen the Demonspawn
Mary Du-Kram
Series 1
Sissen the Devilbought
Attica M’colaq
Red Demon  (Plauticus)
Animashaaun Waqas
Green Demon (Nausicus)
Anna Ashworth
Gray Demon (Inssissipus)
Critchlow Stuart
Interrogating Angel One: Obliteral
Sian Heldt
Madam Rotifer
Christiana De La Haye

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