Friday, April 05, 2013


 More Tales Of The City, preview of my story

My brother author and all-round good Egg, Philip Purser-Hallard is setting out his stall for the forthcoming More Tales of The City: a collection set in the galaxy-sized City that houses the entirety of the human species and (to certain limits) its hominid and posthuman-successors, resurrected by applied technologies across the Ages.

With all this scope to handle I've chosen to pen a story about a feckless young chump at the thin edge of the brainy wedge. The trailer and the others posted or yet to come can be found from the link above. Philip has been astonishing generous and fulsome in his praise, to which I would only say that while he has cited specific incidents in my books which 'did' as a matter of brute fact originate with me, two of the books he boosts would have been substantially less super without my always worthy of gratitude co-writers: Mark Clapham and Kelly Hale, and many critics have taken the view that my other books would *also* have been improved by co-writers.

Kelly for one also has a staggeringly excellent story in MTOC. So go buy MORE TALES OF THE CITY (idc), it's great.

Simon BJ

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