Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dragonfly Law

If the favourite drink of Vila, or
the drug of the Brave New World(1)
fails to have you giggling aloud(2),
And you say as much in writing(3),
Better get your lawyers prepared.
For the libellulosoma mob is coming in a cloud,
Minuta attornies, don't pretend that you're not scared,
Of tiny Dragonflies all armed with writs.
Libel, lol, o' soma ! comes their fiercesome battle-squeak,
And before their high-pitched eloquence, a human judge is meek,
For fear they'll swarm and get inside his ornamental wig, and
worry him to a judgement, just like nits.

Libellulosoma is a genus of dragonfly in family Corduliidae. It contains the following species:
(1) Adrenaline and Soma, and just Soma
(2) LOL laugh out loud
(3) Libel.

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