Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Holmes Of The Daleks

The newspaper boy, trundled after me, his single eye glaring on a
stalk that protruded from under a workman's flat cap.  READ ABOUT

I considered, there was something familiar about the voice, and the
stance. Perhaps my long association with the Great Detective, as
the press, though not my own accounts have at times termed him, was
beginning to give me an inkling as to how it might be possible to
apply his methods. Maybe I might be able to give Holmes pause
for thought.

I leaned down to the nearer of the two lights that flashed under the
newsboy's cap as he spoke.  "Dash it all, Holmes," I cried, "It's you
isn't it."

REALLY WATSON, YOU EXCEL YOURSELF, he cried, flinging his rags aside with the deft motion of a telescopic arm....

From "Holmes Of The Daleks"

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