Saturday, August 04, 2012

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  "You may claim your colleagues undermine your authority, believe me you don't know undermined," said Colonel Cavein, yesterday.
Grey Lensboy

The Ghostpinch Squad at the Met, has been arresting the ghosts of murder victims for negligent suicide under rigourous new laws.

Many people are unaware of the difference between kerygma and crux, well a kerygma is core religious dogma and a crux is what bread has.

What pays offshore, stays offshore

The scatter cushions of the night are flung around the twister game of fate, the voyeur stars espy the light beyond the keyhole at the gate.

The Basque of Amontillado

The interaction of second generation genetics with german number theory reminds me of the olympics. I'm celebrating the Bonse Mendelists

Seven Vials

Complex sexual semantics 101 : why nakedness has nothing on nudity.

James Clithero was a cop from birth, even in his cradle he put long hours into mobile surveilance.

Posthuman Pat, Posthuman Pat - may or may not contain genes spliced from a black and white cat.

But I think a style is definitely a good way to get over a substance, so what *is* your problem?

Beachhouse Of The Daleks "The Doctor arrives at a Dalek Rest Home but can he avoid the Pensioners of Davros."
Diplomatic attempts to solve dispute between clans who like different, rare extremely expensive coffees, have still found no common grounds.

Looking for advice in newspapers concerning the plague of Gorgons and Basilisks? Look in the Mirror!

"So what are you grinding up at the Mill today, Windy?"

The problem of loss of corporate sponsorship.

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