Sunday, April 29, 2012

Set Aside 'Til The Cats Wink

(A poem in six tweets)
Set aside the hurly-burly, set aside the scare, set aside the neon, turn off the lens flare, cover up the mynah bird, let the pilgrims out..

Open up the chapel towns, Mister Moon's about, Cover up the cakestands, give the sailors leave, snip off all their epaulettes..

Your ranks not on your sleeve. Send a page for Dr Freud, send a dream for Jung, sew a silver sequined eye at the end of your tongue..

Make a wish on cobblestones, make a wish on trees, make a wish when home in bed and get it on your knees. The magic's in the broken heart..

The past you've cast away. Open seven golden doors that lead to the new day. Mix the salve upon your broom, mix a tape for Jo....

Get the cats to wink their eyes, and then its time to go.

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