Monday, January 16, 2012

Self-pity Song - CSi5M

If you have any time to spare
And any kind words to say
Please say them today
for I am so
very very low.

If you have any love to give
Then send it my way
And send it today
for I am now mostly
pallid, wan, and ghostly.

If you can fix your attention here
Or lend me an ear
I’d better make clear
Don’t wait for next year
For time’s going I fear.

I’m only hangin’ on by a thread
From a worn old spool, from a worn old shed.
And when that thread its fibres shred
If it happens today
Then I’m falling away.

Perhaps further down in the dark is a ledge
But with my luck I’ll just miss the edge
So if you’ve got some time to pledge
Well I’d take some today

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