Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Microjokes etc from Twitter (March 2011)

#RamplingSidRumpoOfTheBailey #Comedydramamashups "M'Lord the defendant could not have stole the wogglers mooly as I will ably prove."

Fern Britton : Leptosporangiate UK!
Smiley Cuture : Tinker Tailor Soldier Bacteriologist

Right wing extremists carrying a businessman's bag set to explode were easily convicted yesterday in a 'primer fascist case'.

"On days when he was only a tiny bit murdery Dr Jeckyll would drink his lavender mixture."

#BondVsSherlock "He said he'd deduced from my tie that I was secretly gay, so I shot him."

In Spaceboots no one can hear you scream
That's why moonchemists are the best places to have your ears pierced.
[line 1 credit VenusdeMileage]

Festering: Dressing up as Gomez's brother.
Merkin: Tritons, Deep Ones, Dugongs etc
Mentiad: Attempt to sell Tetleys to male shoppers
Transparency: Explaining that mummy and daddy have swopped genders.
Escutcheon: Longest time ever spent waiting for an S in Scrabble.
Anthropology: Book containing a selection of stories about rope.
Chasm Dave: caving hero who also sings cockney duets.
Matron: Robot nanny.

Gigantic Leaping: banned as an olympic event after discovery that US team cheated by training on the Moon ahead of the proposed Luna games.

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