Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Persephone I : High Summer

Without her, in your summer months
What can I do, but pine and fret
Worrit and grumble in the dumps
Which never came to Hades…yet
Without her what abides?
Wonders for her will I
Winter spend, questing
Which when she turns to mine
Will show a love divine, beyond mortal testing.

White, now that yellowed mane
Winged Ramskin of the Gods
Whitened by Sun and Rain
Will form a bridal train.
Would it could be so.
Will I, in fact abide
Wan, here without my bride
While seasons turn, and tide wanes and waxes.
Well it is certain as Old Zeus’ last faux pas, and mortal taxes.

Wondrous the woman who
While summer absentress
Will fill the mind full score
With plans to her adore
When back on Stygian shore
Willing returns once more.
Wild wanton, temptress.

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