Friday, June 25, 2010

The Twitterer's Rubyiat: Part 4

[Part 4]

This spiral galaxy that top-like spins
In 50 million years, a turn begins
Against its fires our world and lives and all
Are but one pin-head in 4 trillion pins.

The Rose cried out ‘I shall be born anew,
What more than this can Gods or Nature do?
A thorn of crowns, does not deny the seed
Flowers will arise though you be false or true.’

Triumphing o’er illusions, science I sought
Experimental meaning: tested thought.
Still though two grand illusions still remained,
That any truth is known, or truly taught.

In every life, ten thousand glasses raise
Each - brimming over - drain with a clear gaze
One must contain the poisonous draught of death
Take it as all the others: With due praise!

One who the deer had hunted, saw the trap:
That on his leg the teeth of death would snap.
Striving to cheat it, he then leapt that gorge:
Which has no other side: that endless gap!

Live beats us as a Master beats his slaves
But its switch picks not one who misbehaves
Random its strikes, random its deadly force
When all the while , it’s justice, the slave, craves.

In heaven : all shall love, and love will be
Free of disdain and petty tyranny.
Wine in the air will flow, and our limbs sing.
Why wait for heaven, when there’s you and me.

Things I have gained and own, time may devour
Give me instead the view from that high tower
O’er all the things and people that have gone
All I have loved lives in me in that hour.

None can agree what life the Gods approve
What Gods exist: If they the worlds move
How best to worship: if worship is wise
All can agree: that age will wine improve.

If wine, your joy, then vineleaves on your brow
Coins on your eyes to pay the ferryman’s scow
To that Taverna which across the Styx
Will quench that thirst for life, that you feel now.

Simon BJ. after Omar K.

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