Friday, May 28, 2010


A fragment of Charles Kingsley's lost children's book "Neitherwood's Children", has come into my possession:

Part of Kingsley's text, from Chapter V:

"There in the forest, the spirits of the children found expression in making faces gape in the bark of trees, and hooting at the mousing owls, until the carney folk clung to the clearing and vowed that there be more things in deep pockets of thicketted night than ever went in by day.

Nedrick Neitherwood, touchiest of ring masters, who concealed his kindnesses - which were in fact many - with a skill that many a man would give to the enwrapment of an unfashionable vice, prowled the verges, yowling for a tightened rope here, and more stylishly folded tentflap there."

Simon BJ

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