Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tarot Trapphics from @BucherJones

Inverse Tarot (My responses to PPH's trapphic tarot in descending mode)

While Virgin noted three - Ms Alecto, Ms Megara, and Ms Tisiphone - there is in truth a fourth Eumenedes the most inevitable fate: Ms World.

The duty of the Nilarchy is to undo itself: to create in the populace the realisation that politics is a null subject, your vote irrelevant.

Hypernauts viewing the spectacular last seconds of Sol, were annoyed by an intraprominance advert for a minor star's gameshow in Ursa Major.

The wrecked ship's data-kinographs showed crucial facts about the 'human' homeworld, its Moon is huge, perpetually locked by tides to Full.

So far the crucial question the leaders haven't answered is: what should they do to reduce the negative economic effect of a near supernova?

The Dark Tower that rises from the Mud, is Man's Unconsciousness: the Lightening Strikes that Crack upon its Peaks are Inspiration's Breath.

'Heh,' Doctor Moloch leered, 'but my retrovirus inserts logos and trademarks into organically reared humans until no patent is sure! Pwned'.

Full, Nebulos looked longingly at the blue-green globe: but he was already 90 AUs. Still the fruitlet would keep its rind was barely furred.

Universe (n) : The characteristic, lengthy, complex courting cry, uttered by genus Theos Transubstantae (v) to Universe. Coloq 'Universize'.

The long nervous system trailed its fibres downward from the geosynchronous brain. From deepspace The Hanging Man came to free earth's lost.

Here in the Metamorphic round of The Hyperstrength Challenge it's not the raw power to allotropise carbon, it's holding the megayear clench.

Sale small pre-contact hadron collider, ex-cern, obs, uses two 20 tev batteries not included, suit hobbist, semi-pro realigami. or NeoAmish.

Every millenia, the killer machines would expand the sphere of dead worlds a further parsec in diameter, as the Hermit Mind inside it grew.

We keep criminals in coldstore and use their body parts to heal the victims of crimes, bit by bit limbs, organs, eyes go. Finally: Just Ice.

'Cha riot' : violent protest involving tea, such as the Boston Tea Party, the Tea Bagger Protests or the Execution of Boss 'No Milk' Hendip.

Yet in all things, after much, differentiation - simplicity is craved - Old Cock, Vagina Mono, retrosexualism. Memoryforms: one size adapts.

Here at 'Perfection Of Past Events' we are proud to state we do what St. Aquinas considered

Past the posioned cakes, the gun, the knives, the icy water, the ending Dynasty: his blood the elixir vitae itself, Rasputin, the Drug Tzar.

'What does an Empress do?', the Heiress asked, fitfully. 'You'll see,' I sniffled into my wiring, placing the psi-mould down onto her brain.

In breaking news: electromagnetism now electrizm and magnetrizm as universe cools. Gravity now dissasociated into weekday and weekend forms.

Your client was told DNArtifice to create a flying human would require substantial secondary Genefix. We deny we just gave him a budgerigar.

It's not the broadcasting of my every thoughts per se it's the cost of the filters that cut reception to the under 18s, and selected adults.

Tarot Ends/Begins

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