Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Song For Remembering German Finance Ministers

The story of high German finance
Is Müller over and Wissell for it.
And when Wissell’s purse-strings were busted
He past on port-folio to Schmidt.
Schmidt’s reign is hiatused by Ernst
That’s Scholz if you want a last name.
Schmidt’s back to do 1922
After which Johannes Becker’s to blame.

Then Raumer and Koeth, and Hamm’s Sandwiched
between Koeth, and then Hamm again
It’s a new page with Neuhaus thereafter
But Krohne’s only acting (in name).
Curtius and Moldenhauer are up next
And then, well we’re back with the Schmidt.
Dietrich it seems *wasn’t* acting,
But Trendelenburg’s (acting) a bit.

Warmbold does the warm up for
Trendelenburg who’s (acting) under his own name
Then Warmbold is back before Hugenberg
Schmitt (that’s not Schmidty again).
Schacht is perhaps scared by Goring, and then they go
Into a Funk. And the finances under the Nazis
Are a lot of old Aryan junk.

Simon BJ

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