Friday, March 13, 2009

New CSi5M: Helium Audrey

Helium Audrey
She's never tawdry
Living Off Broadway
Rides on a Segway
Down to the dregs, yay!
Her voice is squeaky
Like the treble's all tweaky
Whining and peaky
That's peekanesey
Concertina squeasy
She dresses snazzy
Like 20s jazzy
A look some call passay
For one of her class, hey?
And yet she's lovely
From winkletip toes to glovely
Velvet black fingers
Some glamour lingers
So I wish she would call me
Squeakily implore me
Place her fingers on my forearm
Like I could save her from all harm
I'd be lighter than air
In her Helium Lair

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